discover your muse.

Your cycle is your muse. It sparks your natural brilliance and amplifies your creative prowess. To harness it, you just need to know the pattern.

3rd.muse: imagination

Sex hormones during your period amplify your focus, willpower and drive. Later in the cycle when ESTROGEN begins to rise, so does your imagination and insatiable curiosity.

4th.muse: eureka! insight

High levels of ESTROGEN do not only power your ovaries, desires, mood and 5 senses, it activates your CREATIVE BRAIN! This is the time in your cycle when you are most likely to experience aha!'s and eureka moments.

5th.muse: flow & effortless creation

At mid-cycle, sex hormones prime your mind for flow states, peak performance, and effortless creation. Strokes of genius are the norm as a rise in PROGESTERONE stimulates idea generation. So keep those sticky notes handy! As your cycle hormones fall toward the end of this phase, be sure to enjoy a guilt-free recovery period. With all the insights you'll been having, you deserve it!

your cycle & your creative brain

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